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Can we do coffee?

Can we do coffee?

That might give me enough time to share with you the incredible treatment some in our family have received from this amazing team of professionals. Their treatment protocol is *wholistic* so instead of just focusing on typical talk-therapy alone, they recognize that human beings are heart, mind, AND body, so they aim to help their patients heal in every area. The way the team comes around you in support during a crisis is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The care and follow up was incredible. There was wonderful psychological support, but also a licensed Nurse Practitioner and Naturopath that met with us and called in a mix of Rx’s and natural supplements as well as blood-work labs that uncovered profound nutrient deficiencies and possible parasites that were preventing sleep and were exacerbating the debilitating anxiety and depression.

We have been struggling and in and out of mental health crises for about 3 years now. The turn around once on the MMH protocol was nothing short of miraculous. In a week the difference was astounding and now several weeks later normal life has resumed. There is more heart-healing and trauma work ahead but I think our days of moving from crisis to crisis are over now. We have GOT to normalize treating the whole person (heart, mind, AND body) and NOT just the mind or slapping on a RX when someone’s struggling! I never knew that low levels of vitamin B and D can sometimes cause psychosis! Did you? Most clinics would just match a drug to the symptom, but not Morgan Mental Health! Please do yourself the favor of coming to this amazing clinic if you, a friend, or someone in your family needs help. They will find real solutions here and be wrapped up in thoughtful, genuine care.

~Boise Family