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Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond

I’ve been going to Morgan Mental Health for 3+ years and have received a few different types of therapy, each therapist so amazing in their own unique ways. Tami and Kendra are especially prodigious, applying compassion and understanding to some pretty intense and constructive counseling sessions. I truly wouldn’t have been able achieve the personal and relationship growth I’ve experienced without their guidance and suggestions.

What’s more, when I switched insurance providers I had some issues with how my insurance covered certain services were covered. This lead to me having to come out of pocket significantly more than with my previous insurance. The office staff, and especially Kylie, was able to find ways to reduce what I owed…even though it was to no fault of theirs that my balance was what it was. There were no questions asked, just an immediate willingness to help in a tough situation for me. Everything they do seems to be above and beyond.

~ Jeff M.