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Examples of Primary Health Care

Examples of Primary Health Care

Primary Care accounts for a small fraction of the various specializations in the medical field. There are significant benefits in having a primary care provider.

Primary Care Providers
A primary care provider (Doctor, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner) is a healthcare provider who aids patients in the overall management of their health. This includes preventative care such as routine physicals, screenings and immunizations, additionally they are able to diagnose and manage various chronic conditions including hypertension and diabetes and acute conditions such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus). A primary care provider may also help patients when they experience illness or injury.

Common services of a primary care doctor includes:

  • Routine physical exams
  • Prescribing necessary medications
  • Treatment of minor illnesses and injuries
  • Managing chronic conditions
  • Screening for common health issues
  • Management of acute health conditions

Primary care providers are unique as they are trained experts in treating a wide variety of health conditions. Some of these health care professionals also have specialized expertise in a specific area such as Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, women’s health, men’s health, thyroid disorder, hormone imbalance, diabetes or geriatrics. In the event a patient requires specialized care, their primary care doctor is able to help them navigate the next steps and connect the patient with the appropriate specialist.