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Grateful to Have her Guiding my Life’s Journey! 

Grateful to Have her Guiding my Life’s Journey! 

I have had many counselors in my adult life but no one compares to Tami! She demonstrates kindness and humility in every visit. She cares deeply and wants me to feel love for myself, worthiness, and belonging in order to better understand my purpose in life. Tami listens to my story with compassion and empathy. I can see and feel the compassion in her eyes when making eye contact.

Tami shows no judgement which allows me to become vulnerable and honest when sharing. I talk, she listens, and will then reframe what I have said so that I can see from a new perspective. She makes me think. Tami respectfully offers suggestions of change or checks me on something I said for me to reconsider, but ultimately it is my choice. Tami has definitely changed my life for the better and I am deeply grateful to have her guiding my life’s journey!