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IV Therapy Benefits

IV Therapy Benefits

IV therapy can be beneficial for many different people for different reasons. Two of the main benefits for anyone who wants to try IV therapy include:

Easy and convenient: If you are feeling unwell, for many common symptoms, IV therapy is an easy and convenient option. IV therapy is not a complicated procedure.

Health and wellness: For the most part, IV therapy is used to promote health and wellness. The infusion of fluids, vitamins and minerals can help support a healthy immune system, promote healthy skin and keep you hydrated. The right balance of vitamins and minerals in the body can also help improve your energy levels.

IV therapy can be very beneficial, offering:

  • Rapid increases in nutrient rich cells due to direct absorption through the IV.
  • Increased cellular healing rates.
  • Restores balance and aids in homeostasis.
  • Helps to resolve and prevent illness by boosting the immune system.
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Fights sicknesses and dangerous vitamin deficiencies.
  • Has been shown to help with many conditions such as asthma, aging, pain, fibromyalgia allergies, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

IV Therapy is available to Morgan Primary Health Care patients  and offered at our Boise location by appointment Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

IV Therapy Types

Generally, the main types of IV therapy are:

Athletic performance recovery: After an intense workout, your body can be left feeling drained and sore. Whether you have run a marathon or hit the gym for a lifting session, you can be left feeling in need of a boost. IV therapy can be used to help athletes recover following periods of exertion. Recovery IV drip therapy includes several different components designed to support athletes during the recovery period. Fluids help rehydrate you, while vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids help improve your energy levels and repair any tissue damage.

Immune system support: The immune system fights off infection and keeps the body healthy, but we can still get sick. Whether you are worried about getting sick — especially during cold and flu season — or you’ve caught a bug, IV therapy can help support your immune system. IV therapy for immune system support includes several vitamins and minerals to naturally boost the immune system and reduce the chances of you catching a bug.

Cold and flu relief: If you find yourself being knocked down by the symptoms of the cold or flu, IV therapy can offer you some relief. A cold and flu IV drip helps keep you hydrated. It also had vitamins and minerals to help your immune system do its job and kick the bug. Plus, anti-inflammatory, and anti-nausea medications help to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of the cold and flu, such as coughing, body aches, headache, and fever.

Pregnancy symptom alleviation: The body undergoes tremendous stress and changes during pregnancy. Morning sickness is a common experience among pregnant women. Morning sickness can be frustrating when you are trying to focus on your health and the health of your growing baby. Triggered by different environmental factors, such as smell, morning sickness causes an upset stomach and vomiting. While these symptoms typically subside as the pregnancy progresses, they can be uncomfortable and disruptive to your daily life. IV therapy for morning sickness is designed to help pregnant women stay hydrated and reduce the unpleasant effects of morning sickness. This IV therapy includes fluids for hydration, as well as vitamins and medication to help manage nausea and vomiting.

Migraine and headache relief: The pain caused by migraines and headaches can be debilitating. The exact cause of these conditions isn’t always known, but common triggers include stress, diet, environment, and certain medications. We can learn our triggers and try to avoid them, but migraines and headaches can still sneak up on us. If you are looking for relief, IV therapy for migraines and headaches includes vitamins and medication to help reduce inflammation and mitigate your painful symptoms. If you experience nausea with your migraines, the IV therapy package can include anti-nausea medication.

Hangover relief: After overindulging during a night out, you might wake up feeling awful. A dry mouth, pounding headache, upset digestive system and desire to keep the shades drawn are all telltale signs of a hangover. A bad hangover can make it hard to concentrate and ruin your entire day. Chugging a glass of water or a cup of coffee with an over-the-counter pain killer and going back to bed is usually the go-to hangover remedy, but IV therapy can also be a helpful way to find relief. A hangover IV therapy includes fluids to help rehydrate the body, vitamins to help improve your energy levels and medication to reduce the painful symptoms of nausea, heartburn, and headache.

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