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Amy Beloved, CRM.

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Amy Beloved, CRM.

    • Licensed Massage Therapist
    • Detox Specialist
    • Reiki Master
    • Energy Healer
    • Spiritual Guide
    • Intuitive

Morgan Integrative Health Care
10548 W Business Park Lane
Boise, ID 83709

Hours & Fees

Monday        12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Tuesday        11:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Friday            9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Weekends    By Appointment
Fees                $75-$200*

*Depending on Session/Service.

Professional Licenses​

  • Licensed Massage Therapist


  • Reiki Master 
  • Medical Reiki 
  • Energy Medicine 101
    with a Native American Mentor
  • Intuition by Design 
  • Mediumship 
  • Angel Healing  
  • Empowered as an Empath 
  • Angels and Spirit Guides 
  • Ascended Masters 
  • Home Energy Healing 

Morgan Health Centers Affiliates​

Amy Beloved, CRM.

Licensed Massage Therapist, Detox Specialist & Reiki Master

Reiki Healing, Energy Work, Lithotherapy, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Guide, Ionic Foot Baths

My Approach to Helping

I am Amy Beloved; I am an Intuitive Spiritual Healer with decades of healing experience. I bring the “spirit” of the body/mind/spirit concept to Morgan Health Center. I specialize in emotional and energy healing. What is emotional healing? We experience all of life through the whole spectrum of emotions. On the low end of the spectrum are emotions such as powerlessness, guilt and shame. On the high end of the spectrum lies contentment, joy and freedom. As Dr. Joe Dispenza describes it, “Emotions are energy in motion.” 

When one goes through less-than-ideal experiences, the emotions the person felt during that time may get “stuck” within the body. There has been extensive research done on the detrimental effects that unprocessed emotions have on health. There are just as many ways to heal emotions as there are emotions and people. We are all unique and require that same unique touch for healing. My style is highly complementary to traditional counseling.  

What is Energy Healing?

What is energy healing? First, everything is made of energy; molecules, toxins, emotions, thoughts and more! Each cell of the body operates electrically and the body itself emanates an electromagnetic field. The physical form of the human body houses the complex energy systems, such as chakras, meridians and other details of the energy anatomy. The electromagnetic field, often called the aura, exists on the perimeter of the physical body and has several functions. The 7 main energy centers, often called chakras, exist down the midline and store energy and information. Everything energetic contains information. Energy also vibrates, or the rate at which it oscillates. Energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. Each individual unit vibrates uniquely.

Amplitude + Frequency = Vibration

ALL of life is made up of information and vibration. It is THAT energy that I work with. 

As an intuitive, I have the ability to see, hear, feel and sense the information within the energy. The information presented is usually just below the conscious awareness. I help to ease the information into consciousness because we cannot heal what we are not aware of. These stuck emotions and energetic information often start from trauma or stress. I have a large selection of energy healing modalities I use, plus, I am open to be Divinely guided to use the exact thing a person needs to support personalized healing. I also work with mindset therapy to remedy any incorrect beliefs one has adopted about oneself while navigating tough life experiences. Remember, thoughts are energy too!  

When these energies are housed in the body, it acts just like an old-school projector, you are literally projecting those energies out to the world around you. Therefore, you magnetize what you are. If you are riddled with low vibe energies, you will continue to have low vibe life experiences. If you are higher vibe, you will have higher vibe life experiences. That’s why it’s important to get below the surface to heal the deeper emotions that got stuck, creating an “upgrade” of energy just for you to upgrade your life experiences.  

As a certified energy healer, I work with these energies to exchange low vibe energies to high vibe energies for your highest benefit and healing. Often, there are empowerment techniques assigned as needed to help solidify deeper healing for the individual. These are unique actions that have powerful benefits in everyday living. These actions allow the person to be the main role in their own healing journey, as empowerment is on the high end of the vibration scale! The whole process is very much like healing meets transformation! Therefore, culminating a gorgeous blend of emotional and energetic healing. 

Many recipients report feeling lighter, a sense of freedom and more hopeful after each energy work session. Healing sessions also build on one another to bring you to new heights! If this resonates with you, I desire to support you on your healing journey, right where you are, to take you to where you’d ultimately like to be. 

“Detoxification is important because it strengthens the body’s immune system and helps the body’s biochemical processes function efficiently so that we are better able to digest the nutrients in our foods.”

Services I Provide

    • Ionic Foot baths – A detox foot bath is a foot spa that, rather than using bubbles to soothe away the aches and pains of being on your feet all day, instead uses water charged with positive and negative ions – electrolytes – which draw toxins in your body out through your feet through a process of exchange between the positive and negative ions in your body, and their opposite numbers in the water.
    • Reiki  The channeling of universal healing energy through a technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.
    • Energy Work – A pleasant and powerful therapy that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force, making it available to shift physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction to health and well-being.
    • Spiritual Guide – A safe space to be heard and explore what spirituality means to you. A process of inner reflection, self-discovery, soul exploration, and finding the connection to what feels spiritual for you.  

Client Concerns I Treat

During sessions I have worked with a variety of areas of concern and enlightenment.
Some of which are: 

    • Emotional healing
    • Trauma navigation
    • Spiritual awakening support
    • Meeting your angels and spirit guides
    • Demon/entity detachment
    • Remediate curses
    • Hexes, vows, cord cutting
    • Past life inquiries and healing
    • Finalize outdated soul contracts
    • Energy upgrade
    • Trauma navigation
    • Redirect personal power
    • Dream interpretation
    • Ancestral healing
    • Soul integration
    • Low-self value
    • Chronic pain
    • Deliver Divine messages

Areas of Study

    • Essential Oils for emotional healing
    • Stones and crystals for healing
    • Angels and the spiritual realm
    • Toxins and detoxification
    • Breathwork
    • Mindset therapy
    • Manifesting
    • Mindfulness
    • Meditation
    • Grounding & Centering
    • Plants as medicine
    • Food as medicine
    • Sound healing
    • Other powerful modalities!

Facility Accessibility

Morgan Health Centers and its Affiliates are outpatient centers and NOT an emergency care facilities. In case of an emergency please contact a primary care physician or the local emergency room, police or 911.

Morgan Health Centers recognizes the needs of patients with disabilities, as defined by the American Disabilities Act. We continue to make every effort to comply with state and federal accessibility regulations and accommodate patients with disabilities.

    • Accessible Parking
    • Gender Neutral Bathroom
    • Service Animals Welcome
    • Wheelchair Accessible Building
    • Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

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